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Penchant Ebook Cover1*steps out from hiding* Hello, everyone! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here, but I wanted to drop in and let you all know my first poetry book hit the Kindle and Createspace stores! It’s only about 40 pages, and I kept the price as low as Amazon would allow me.

So check it out, if poetry is your thing, and if you’re interested feel free to email me at

for a free ecopy :) Happy reading! And happy New Year to everyone! I hope your holiday season was merry and January brought all the promise new beginnings ought.

Find Penchant on Amazon and Createspace.

(Ah, a note is in order – after much thought and talking with readers and authors, I’ve decided to change my pen name to A.G. Black. It certainly suits my writing better, and sets me apart from the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones! ;) Those titles that are not already under the new pen name will be updated as quickly as time allows.)

Blog Hop Giveaway, Drown Sale, and a New Release!

It’s been a big week! My romance publisher, Rebel Ink Press, is turning three, and they’re hosting a blog hop and giveaway to celebrate. Drown by Alex JonesNot only did I join in the fun over on AJB with a giveaway of my own, but Drown is now on sale through Aug 17th – for just .99 cents! For your chance to win a Kindle Paperwhite, a swag basket from Rebel authors, a free ecopy of my paranormal/fantasy romance Remain, and a $5 Amazon or B&N gift card, visit my romance site,

Broken Wings Cover Medium





And that’s not even the best part. Broken Wings posted to Amazon and Barnes & Noble a couple days early! It’s a paranormal sci-fi romance novella. Writing it was an intense experience, but I’ve been told it’s my best published writing yet, so I’m excited to hear what readers think. You can pick up a copy of Broken Wings here!

Broken Wings


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Hey everyone! I’m sorry I’ve been absent quite a bit from this blog, but I’m working on getting two separate websites up for my romance writing and fantasy writing. The sites are up ( for romance and for fantasy) but it’ll be a while before I delete this WordPress site, just to make sure I have everything set…

In the meantime, I have more exciting news! I have a new novella coming out August 17, 2013. It’s a paranormal sci-fi romance. Broken Wings is my first published novella, and I’m excited to share it!

Broken Wings Cover Medium


Fear. It was the twitch in his subconscious, like a word stuck in his throat he could never quite say.

Adrian’s life is simple: go to work, come home, look no one in the eye. If you don’t take risks, you won’t die. That’s what life has taught him, and in the urban sprawl of the industrial Oregon coast, it’s kept him alive. He hasn’t had a panic attack in months.

Then one night, a winged man named Cassius makes a crash landing on his doorstep. Out of fear of the government, Adrian hides him. But Cassius is more than he seems, and when the winged shifter’s haunted past comes knocking, Adrian learns the true meaning of fear. He must find the courage to face the darkness or risk losing the man he has grown to love.


 “I don’t understand humans’ fascination with clothes… What purpose do they serve?”

Cassius’ voice echoed from the kitchen. Once his arrangement had been decided, he reluctantly agreed to Adrian’s requirements and hobbled back to gather the sweatpants. His great wings could be heard fluttering in what Adrian could only presume was an attempt to get the clothing back on. It simultaneously discomforted him, and brought a tinge of relief. He hadn’t said it, but keeping his eyes away from Cassius’ openly displayed and attractive nudity had been getting difficult. He’d never been in the company of someone so casual with their body. It unnerved him. “They’re to keep you decent,” he answered, raising his voice to be heard in the other room. His eye caught the recliner, and he made his way over to sit down; his back ached from the prior night’s sleep. “So other people don’t have to look at your… private areas.”

Cassius emerged around the corner, still hobbling. He used his wings to balance, but even that was thrown by the inability to operate the wounded one properly. “Private areas?”

Adrian couldn’t believe he was having this conversation. “Yes. I mean… You can’t just go around flashing people with your… reproductive organ.” He fought to keep the conversation technical. “For one thing, it makes people uncomfortable. It’s an overtly sexual gesture to show someone your junk.”

Cassius had made it back to the couch. The look on his face was one of complete nonchalance. He sat with a grimace, and then relaxed against the cushions. “Not if you never cover it in the first place. How do you tell if another human wants to mate with you, if you cannot see their arousal?”

Dear God, Adrian thought. “We consider not having to see someone’s… arousal… a courtesy. It’s way too personal—we keep nudity for being around lovers, when it is okay to display sexual attraction.”

Cassius’ eyes lit in engagement. “But what if I do have feelings for a man—how is he supposed to know I want to mate with him if the very thing that indicates it is hidden?”

Adrian gulped. Another man… Cassius was attracted to men. “I…” The words washed his thought, and made the nervousness in his stomach flip in knots. “…I need coffee…” he mumbled, and stood up.

Remain Cover Art


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It’s officially here! Cover art for my next release, Remain. It’s so gorgeous… Many thanks to Carl J. Franklin over at Rebel Ink Press for the incredible cover! Look for more info about Remain, and the series it belongs to (Knights of Amaranth) on my official website, Suffice it to say I combined my love of epic fantasy and erotic romance into one novel… And I’m excited to share the result! Remain won’t officially be released until May 3rd, but you can find plenty of exclusive content here.




Jace is an artist whose personal life took the back seat two years ago after he parted ways with an alcoholic ex-boyfriend. He has settled comfortably into his new life alone. He works mornings at the local coffee shop and evenings at an art gallery. His life is quiet, but that’s alright with Jace.

Until he meets Morgan. The man is intense, passionate and earnest to a fault. Jace falls head over heels, but it quickly becomes clear that Morgan is more than he seems. As Jace finds himself thrown into a world of monstrous creatures and arcane beings, he’s confronted with Morgan’s real nature – a knight of the fey, sworn in service to a Seelie Queen. It’s a world Morgan never meant him to know.

Jace’s arrival in the fey realm turns the heads of many. When the price of their tryst becomes a fight for their lives, Jace and Morgan face questions of love, loyalty and what humanity truly means.  Each must decide where he stands before fate makes the decision for them.


Excerpt: Shadow & Flame, Chapter Five


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An excerpt from chapter five of my work in progress, Shadow & Flame. Modig is a young lord’s son, reminded at every turn of his questionable origins and his twin brother’s failing health. On the eve of his coming of age ceremony, the silence is about to be broken.

She was beautiful, her hair hanging gently from her face in hazel ringlets, the frame of her countenance sharp but soft. Fair skin basked in the moonlight of a clear night, and the very stars seemed to kiss her cheeks, lighting the tint of rose with passion; the hand entwined with his reassured his spirit in a way none other could, and the hand at her waist held her gently, almost as though he were not worthy to have any part of her at all. She was perfect. And she was his. “I love you,” he murmured, pressing his lips to her ear.

His words received a smile. “…I know…”

He was young, but one would not have known it by looks. Indeed, his dark eyes and pale countenance seemed hard, wintry even when professing vows of love and adoration. “Do you love me, Gwen?”

The tinkling of laughter spilled down upon the garden below; they spent many summer nights here, out on the balcony, drinking the moonlight and scent of snapdragons and verdure. She pulled closer, pressing a kiss to his lips; his eyes met hers, and she almost shuddered despite herself. An intensity lay there, and a cunning that made her feel as though he could sense her thoughts before she knew them herself. Even her love was laced with fear: he was as stone. And yet, in all honesty, Gwen answered, “Of course I love you, my Modig.”

At the name, something ineffable darkened his brow. “Why do you call me that?”

She thought it obvious. “Because that is your name.” Curling her fingers around the other’s, the woman smiled, satiated. “…My Modig…”

“I am not Modig,” he stated simply, pulling away; something in his mind barred the gates every time he heard the mark. It was a constant pain, and it was building. “You have seen my brother, Gwen. That is Modig. I am not.”

Brows furrowed slightly, thinking this some sort of game. “You are both Modig—you the elder, he the younger. You share a name, not a fate.”

He wished he could be certain of that. With every passing day the burden grew heaver, the shadows deeper. Umbrae seemed to hound him with hopes of grandeur and fear of what the next day would bring. At times he worried he would go mad like Lord Rhiam, who had taken to locking himself in his study, muttering words to visitors none could see. Discontent rolled through his being, and he pulled away from the woman, traversing with a sigh to the other side of the balcony, leaning forward with only his hands to support him. Gazing deep into the shadows of the courtyard below, he could discern nothing. He could see the hearts of men as easy as blinking, and yet in his own fate it seemed he had no hand. “…Could you love me, if I had no name?”

“What sort of question is that?” She joined his side; her voice lilting slightly. “You cannot have no name at all.” He did not respond, staring darkly into the void, almost as though he expected someone to be staring back. She felt the gravity of his mood, and it unsettled her. “It does not matter. I shall love you no matter your title. I would love you if you were naught but a shadow in the night: you know this.”

Her earnestness frightened him; she could not possibly know the shadows of his soul, he had held them from her for fear that if she truly knew, she would never return.


He could not look at her. “Marry me, Gwen?”

The non sequitur only served to disturb her more; “Of course, I should be a fool if I didn’t… What is wrong?”

“You will be mine forever,” he reassured, more for himself than her. “We can run from this place, these walls.” This damnation. “We will be free, I know it.”

“Will you not stay on as lord of the manor?”

“For what? To rot here in the shadow of the stars?”

“The stars do not cast shadow, my love.”

He could not explain, could not continue this dialogue. “I know.”


Across the grounds, another woman stood in silent worry—the years had worn her face harshly, the buxom pride of youth tarnished with years of sorrow and fear. Wrinkles framed her delicate lips, so often turned to a frown, and shadowed her brow with fretting. Dim eyes gazed forth through a lattice-glass window, out the moon; but she had no lover, no one who would comfort her on the nights filled with dread. What worth she once had in the eyes of her husband had all but dimmed. He spent more time in his inner chambers, fretting to the walls, than gazing upon her. He had fallen from his angel’s light and into the eternal dark waiting for him; not even her love could resurrect the being that she had loved on their wedding day.

Soft hands twined about a silken handkerchief embroidered with the lord’s crest, restless, yet knowing not what they could do. The lady had been haunted of late by the apparition of a stranger’s face—of all the memories of her youth, that face remained crystalline in her memory, as apparent as the night she first saw it. Her mind had been wandering, traveling down the path of time, and she did not see the eyes gazing up at her from below, though should she have looked, she would not have seen them anyway. The figure often met her here, silent as stone, beneath her chamber window. Never had she seen the visitor, though something tonight told her the shadow was there. If only she could see him.

“Where are you …” Softly she sighed, “Your son came of age today, did you know? He is a prince now…You should have seen him,” the fair countenance smiled as she recalled the sight of Modig, strong and cunning, standing at Lord Rhiam’s side in splendor. “He looks more the part than Rhiam ever did… He looks like you, my love.”


            The elf heard the words, standing beneath the courtyard willow, and his hard gaze softened at the epithet. Isabel was beautiful, backlit by firelight, the silver rings on her fingers catching the moonlight to spark the smallest glint, vivid in his mind nonetheless. The elf’s grim frown loosened; he wished more than anything he could be at her side, comforting her with whispered words and a gentle hold—but that was not his place. He reminded himself of that, even as bitter vengeance filled his mind. For years he had suffered the mongrel of a mortal that called himself a lord, but no longer. He would rein terror upon him for all the years of remaining silent. The Goddess knew vengeance would be his this night.

Manuscript Officially Done!

I know I disappeared for a month… Please don’t worry. Not only did I manage to survive the holidays, but I came out on the other side with another completed novel. It’s still in the editing stages, but the hard(er) part of writing is done! It’s on the editor’s desk, and with any luck I’ll have it back for tinkering within the next month or so, and it will be released (tentatively) March/April 2013! For more details about Remain, visit my Coming Soon page over on

So… what to do with myself in the meantime? Well, I’ve still got plenty of things to do! I’m already hard at work on my next romance project, as well as hammering out the finer details of Shadow & Flame (my fantasy novel-in-progress). After taking a good long look at everything that needs to happen, I believe it makes sense to have S&F be a trilogy instead of a single, gigantic novel. Which frees me up to delve into my two heroes’ journeys in more detail. But it also means a bit more planning to make sure all those wonderful details line up… So it’s drawing board time. Sticky notes and dry erase boards were created for a reason, thank goodness!

My goal for 2013 is to have three romance shorts, as well as another full length romance novel, published through Rebel Ink Press. I also want to have the first installment of Shadow & Flame self-published by the end of the year. Maybe they’re conservative goals, maybe they’re mad… Either way, I’m sticking to them! Keep an eye out for Remain, my first paranormal romance (you better believe there are battles and monsters!) coming soon to Rebel Ink Press!

Another exciting update – I’ve officially opened a new site for my romance novels through Rebel Ink Press:! Check it out, and let me know what you think. I’m hosting several of the Rebel Elite authors there in the coming week for our Rebel Elite Holiday Blog Hop. There will be lots of interesting tidbits and even a Rafflecopter giveaway for those of you interested in a Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon gift cards and lots of other goodies. My own blog stops will include a ‘deleted scene’ from Drown and sneak previews from my upcoming novel, Knights of Fey: Remain to be released from RIP in Spring 2013!

This blog will still remain active as my personal blog, and be the crux point for my fantasy novels for quite some time to come. I’m still plunking away at Shadow & Flame, and hope to have it done in early 2013, if all goes well! In the meantime, I’ll continue writing LGBT fantasy/new-adult romance. Be sure to visit the Coming Soon page on AJB for more info.

Drown to be Released in Paperback!


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Alright, everybody – the numbers are in, and as you can see, I fell about 25,000 words short of my NaNoWriMo goal this year. I was foiled again, but I received some exciting news halfway through November that had me scrambling the last two weeks (and neglecting my NaNo novel) to complete. So it’s not all that bad. You want to know what it was?

Drown is officially being released in paperback!

That’s right. Carl J. Franklin, our brilliant cover artist, is working on the formatting now, and for the last couple weeks I’ve been scrambling over the manuscript in a second edit (graciously provided by my editor at Rebel Ink Press) before Drown hits the press. The edits for the second edition ended up being pretty time-consuming, because there will be some major, minor changes to the text in round two. Pretty much everything will be the same, except for a few tweaks to the style, which were pervasive. Which is why it took me so long. In the upcoming edition, you can expect:

A removal of “the goth” and “the jock” as substitutes for the character’s names, except in rare places where it was appropriate.

Cleaner point of view, and fewer shifts.

Round up of remaining typos and formatting errors (there are always a handful that slip through the cracks…)

So the question comes: why the changes? Apart from the typos, which were pretty self-explanatory, I made the decision to alter the original publication because of direct feedback I got from readers. Particularly about my use of “the goth” and “the jock” throughout the text. When I originally wrote Drown, I used the substitutions with artistic intention in order to bring out some of the deeper themes in the book; but unfortunately, it made the text itself more difficult to read and understand. Which, let’s be honest, kind of detracts from the whole point. I also cleaned up some of the more complex point of view shifts in order to make it easier to follow.

I was really glad to have the chance to respond to what many reviewers have said is the only weakness in an otherwise very strong novel. The project was a solid two weeks of highlighting and reworking an entire novel’s worth of pronouns, but it was definitely worth it.  I’ll keep you updated on the second edition and paperback release date! For those of you who have already purchased an e-copy of Drown, don’t worry – you should be able to download an updated version at no cost from the website. I may even hold a giveaway for those of you have read the first edition and pick up a paperback copy or second edition online… Stay tuned!

NaNoWriMo 2012


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It’s that time of year again! Time for pumpkin pie, apple cider, eggnog, and of course—NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writer’s Month is a challenge put to all creative people everywhere, to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. The clock starts ticking at midnight November 1st, and it ends when you’ve completed your 50,000 word count. Or midnight November 30th. Whichever comes first.

I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo for several years now, but this year I’m really looking forward to it. My project is going to be a little unorthodox, because it will be on a novel I’ve already started—a paranormal romance. You see, I started work on this book back in March, with a heroine who fell in love with a fey hunter of the fairy world. I soon realized, however, that my heroine just wasn’t cutting it. I didn’t really like her, and once real action began, she felt like she was a spectator and not so much part of the story. I was much more interested in the two fey characters and their world.

So earlier in October I decided to mix it up. Most of you know I recently release an LGBT romance novel; and in thinking about what would make the dynamics of my new novel really come alive for me, I decided to make my heroine a hero instead: the result was magic. And so I launched into converting the scenes over to the new character. And while it was kind of exciting, I still felt bogged down by the structure I’d created in my first draft. At 18,000 words into the second draft, I’ve made a frightening decision. I scrapped it all.

English: Autumn fallen leaves of Zelkova serra...

That’s right—all 18,000 words, gone. I’m starting over November 1st with just my characters and a handful of plot ideas. And just in time for NaNoWriMo. So come midnight tonight, I’ll be typing away furiously at the novel I know is in there just dying to get out. Freed from all the encumbrances of previous drafts, I’m excited to see what happens. It will be an interesting month! My two fey characters, Morgan Wolfhame and Hector Raethgard (aptly named each) guarantee I’ll be in for some surprises.

To those of you participating in NaNoWriMo, I salute you! To those of you who aren’t yet… It’s never to late to sign up! Visit to set up your account and get writing! See you in 30 days… With any luck, I’ll have a fully completed novel ready for edits and submission in December!


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